CLUB NIGHT VOL # 3 DVD PREVIEW CLUB NIGHT VOL # 3 DVD Is a concert based dvd series based on live performances, intervies, club footage videos. Volume 3 Featurs Artists, Ty Dolla $ign peforming live at The International . Project Pat performing live Studio X, Riff Raff performing live on The Neon Icon Tour at The International in Knoxville, Tn. Featuring three exclusive songs /club footage videos full of live performance, fights, ass-shaking, and a vision of Knoxville night life..OFF OF UNDER THE UNDERGROUND DVD MAGAZINE FILMED EDITED BY C-NOTE ACN ARTS AND ENT LLC 226 FILM PRODCTION UNDER THE UNDER GROUND DVD MAG 5150 THE MOVEMENT SYCOTIC STUDIO 5150 MUSIC,EAST TENNESSEE KNOXVILLE,TN KNOXVEGAS K-TOWN OR LAY DOWN GLOCKVILLE BLOCKZVILLE 865 FOR BOOKING CALL (865)-329-6916 or (865)-919-4919

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